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Imperial College BioEngineering Demo Day

Last month I went to Imperial College to keep tabs on the development progress of a new set of pedals. Bio-Engineering Students got involved in a project with the idea being to improve the cycling performance when riding the BerkelBike. Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) has not reached the technological advancement needed to target fine motor muscles in sequence efficiently. Therefore, the alignment of the knee has to be centered and the calf has to be fixed.

This is part of a whole series of ongoing ‘upgrades’ I’m implementing to the Berkelbike over 2019 to make it faster for Cybathlon 2020. I am also putting a lot of time into adjusting parameters and getting that perfect ratio of numbers. There’s still a lot to learn, but I’m almost there.

At some point I’ll also be connecting up with Pulse Racing students from Amsterdam University once I’m happy with the FES cycling efficiency. We’ll be relaying information to improve the overall outlook for competitive FES cycling. Then I’m syncing up with Ens De Lyon (Who are also researching in FES) at Lyon Cyberbike 2019 to finalize findings and see the results.

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